CoinGate Integrates Payments Via Lightning

The Lightning Network

CoinGate integrates payments via Lightning – more than 100 companies participate in the pilot

The Lithuanian payment service provider for cryptocurrencies activates lighting payments for the companies participating in the pilot. Now you can pay more than 100 merchants via Lightning.

CoinGate is the younger, more innovative and European BitPay, so to speak. The payment service provider from Lithuania may not have as many customers as the market leader from the USA, but it shines with the fact that it can pay with more than 50 cryptocurrencies and that new features can be integrated more quickly.

No wonder that CoinGate is also the first payment provider that integrates not only native crypto payments but also lighting payments for Bitcoin into the software’s invoices. After a test phase with a test shop, CoinGate is now rolling out Lightning acceptance for a large number of retailers who have signed up for the pilot program. “We are thrilled to bring LN payments to so many customers at once,” said the company’s blog.

In fact, the CoinGate pilot alone is likely to multiply the number of dealers where you can pay with Lightning. The list of more than 100 shops includes with MMOGA a big seller of game keys, with Thunderpick a site for e-sport betting, with Bitlaunch, BaCloud, LavaVPS, futurehosting and more a lot of providers for domains and virtual servers, with BitGild a dealer for precious metals, with the Eichenhain a shop for natural products and much more.

For those who can’t wait to pay with Lightning, the CoinGate pilot should be the best news of 2018. With it, Lightning acceptance is literally exploding – and this is just the beginning. If CoinGate makes Lightning the standard for all invoices, and other providers follow suit or merchants switch from BitPay to CoinGate, Lightning could soon be accepted almost as widely as Bitcoin itself.